Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

I'm looking outside this morning from the home office and I can't believe how nice it looks outside. I'm looking forward to getting out and running today. On the schedule is a "quality" day - 8 x 800 meters at 10-K race pace with 90-second jog. I'm not really sure what my 10-k pace is these days, so I'll try to keep it around 7:30 min/mi. pace. Think I'll head out to the levee instead of the track for this one. There's a nice straight stretch of fire road that is approx. 1/2 mile.

So far this week...
Monday - Long Run 11.11 miles at 9:00 pace. (Longest run ever for me. Ahead of schedule and ready for more.)
Tuesday - Recovery Run - 4.19 miles at 8:20 pace (Faster than I wanted but still felt easy. Good sign. Legs felt relatively good after yesterdays run. I'm ahead of my training pace but making sure I don't progress too fast to avoid injury,)
Wednesday - Walk - 2.5 miles w the dog. (Wanted to do a xfit wkout but didn't make it. No problem - legs could use a rest and as I mentioned above, this could help me avoid injuries.)

Enjoy the sunshine if you're in California.


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