Thursday, February 5, 2009


We got some much needed rain today and it looks like it will continue on through tomorrow. I'm happy to see the rain because I'd like to be able to shower this summer (drought). However, I'm curious as to what this is going to do the trails in Woodside for the race this Saturday. I read some of the PCTR message board posts after the last rain and most folks seemed to agree that the trails don't get to that sticky mud condition. For me, only sandy trails are worse to run in than sticky mud. For a 200-lb guy, you quickly pack on another few pounds of mud on each foot. Regardless of the weather, I'm really fired up for the 35k. Time to see what kind of early-season shape I'm in. (Cue the bad news sound effect from Sesame Street)

So speaking of too much weight...I weighed myself at the gym yesterday and was not pleased with what came up on the scale. I think I gained back everything I took off after the holidays - probably all on Sunday and Monday. Sunday was obviously the Super Bowl party pig-out festival. "You mean I can stop eating and drinking at any time?" Then Monday, we had our softball playoffs (we had the #1 seed but our offense took a dump in the title game and we lost - sorry sponsor). We normally have our after-game beers but of course this time, we had to make a bigger deal and have more beer and food. Somebody shoot me. At least the motivation picks up after that.

Training has been going well...

Sunday: 8.5 mi tempo run
Monday: 6 mi. EZ
Tuesday: 6 mi. EZ with some small hill repeats
Wed: Into the pool...1600 yds (300 warm-up, 10 x 100 repeats, 300 cool down) + 300 double-unders

Today I'll probably head to the gym for some light hill-work and some weights. I'm trying not to do too much this week (ie. mini-taper). Even though I'm calling this a training run on Saturday, I still don't want to have dead legs heading into it.

Next Monday, I'll get back to the longer runs and continue the push to Miwok. Everyone have a great rest of the week. Happy training.


Bob - February 5, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

dang super bowl parties, ya I gained a few and drank few to much :-( oh well just means are harder workout week for my punishment ...

friggin ultra chitt, I may go back to online poker and beers that was much easier-lol

Rick Gaston February 5, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

Well Mike you have till May no worries. Good deal on the rain, I hope it dumps this month and the next. All we need now is a drought to go with everything else financially.

Jo Lynn February 6, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

Good luck tomorrow Mike! 200 pounds, really? You wear it well. ;)

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