Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey Guess What? It's Raining

Apparently, over the winter, my family packed up and moved to Seattle. Can we officially say that this year's rain total is close enough to normal to rule out a drought year? Good lord. well at least it made doing today's workout extra rewarding.

Ran 6 miles at decent pace along the delta levee to Paradise Point and back. (What does decent pace mean? Faster than EZ but still not breathing very hard) I'll get the watch on next week to start checking pace. Besides the battery's currently dead.

Knees are feeling a little sore after the run. This verifies the fact that I need to drop some weight soon and also beef up my quad and hamstring muscles to take some load off my knees. I have to go into the bay area tomorrow, so I'll be doing an easy 3 miles in the company's gym.


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