Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling Good (Knock on Wood)

Yesterday was a very easy day - just a 2.5 mile run. The significance of that run was that it was the first back-to-back run days for me in about 3 months. I know what you're thinking. How in the hell are you going to be able to do this race in May? I'll be alright. I'm still on schedule for my training.

For today, I'm going to do a crossfit workout followed by 4 miles on the treadmill - I could use a good warm, indoor run today. I almost fell over when I saw the Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) today:

Three rounds for time of:
225 Deadlift, 15 reps
15 Handstand push-ups
15 Pull-ups
95 pound Thruster, 15 reps

This looks brutal. Not going to be a quick WOD. Might have to sub shoulder presses for the handstand push-ups to speed this up. Let you know the results tomorrow.

Happy whatever.


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