Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ultra Training: The Beginning

I'm catching up on the initial entries today, but wanted to get this out there. First week of training is over. Obvious goal was to get the legs out and running and keeping the miles down low. Also, continue to do Crossfit for muscle/strength development. I need to keep an eye on the strength training because I don't want to pick up any additional weight up top (more to carry!). Here's what I did for the week:

NOTE: First few weeks, I'm not going to bother with time, pace, etc. Only looking for distance right now.
Mon (1/12) - Ran 3.5 miles
Tues (1/13) - XFit - "Fran" ( 21-15-9 reps of 95-lb thrusters & pull-ups)
Wed (1/14) - Ran 5.0 miles
Thurs (1/15) - XFit - "Lynne" (5 rounds for max reps of: body-weight bench and pull-ups)
Fri (1/16) - Ran 4.5 miles

weekly run totals: 13 miles

Good first week. Next week, I'll be shooting for 16-17 miles.


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