Monday, April 14, 2008

Holy Hot Weekends!

This last weekend brought on the first official hot days of the year. (Somewhere around the low 90's). I know this isn't hot for Stockton (CA) in the summer time, but the body just wasn't ready for that right now. Of course, my planned long run just happened to fall on Saturday. My plan was to get out for a 20 mile run and then fall in the pool and die afterward. Well, I didn't get out early enough and my wife took the coveted morning workout spot (which left me with watching the kids). When I finally got around to attempting my run, it was already in the afternoon and the sun was way too hot. Long story short, I made it 12 miles before my fluids ran out and I just couldn't see how pushing it in the heat was going to do me any good. (Better to under-train than die). Ended up coming home and going right to the pool. Normally, 68 degrees is too cold for me, but it felt great. (I'll try the 20-miler next week)

Rest of my runs: (BTW...if anyone is actually reading this, I noticed that my dates last post were completely messed up at the end of the list)
Wed. 4/9 - Hills - Ran 8 total miles including the following hill sequence:
(2) 4% for 90" - 3' recovery run
(2) 6% for 60" - 2' recovery run
(2) 8% for 30" - 1' recovery run
1 extra minute of recovery run
(2) 6% for 60" - 2' recovery run
(2) 8% for 30" - 1' recovery run
(2) 8% for 90" - 3' recovery run
(2) 6% for 60" - 2' recovery run
(2) 8% for 30" - 1' recovery run

(hills were at 8:30 pace; warmup,recovery & cooldown at 9:30 pace)

Thu. 4/10 - 3 mile jog with the dog and softball night
Fri 4/11 - Swam 3 miles at the gym (legs needed an extra day off of running)
Sat 4/12 - Long run - Planned for 20 but the heat said 12. Pace: 9:45/mi (and melting)
Sun 4/13 - Easy 3 miles recovery

Planned for today: Quality --> 400M @ 5k (30" recovery); 800M @ 10k (90"); 1200M @ 10k (2'); 1600M @ 10k (3'); 1200M @ 10k (2'); 800M @ 10k (90"); 400M @ 5k (30"); 2 mi WU and 2 mi CD.

I was supposed to volunteer at the Diablo 50 miler this weekend but ended up having to cancel due to my wife's grandma being extremely ill. We ended up spending part of Saturday at the hospital visiting her. She is ok now but family definitely comes first before volunteering.

5 weeks to go until Ohlone!


GB April 15, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

I guess we should start thinking about goals for Ohlone... other than "to finish." You're putting in some good training! I just hope it's not blazing hot.

I hope your wife's grandmother gets better. Definitely family first!

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