Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Still On Track (Knock on Wood)

This is week 11 of the official 16-week training program. It's been about a month now since my calf tried to die on me. I'm happy to say that's it been holding up nicely. (Begin anti-jinxing ceremony now). Since my last post, I've had some very nice workouts including another PR for run distance - 17.3 miles. Here is a recap...

Fri. Mar 28 - Long run day - Ended up pushing my 3.5 year old in the jogger for 10 miles instead of a 12-mile run. I'm not sure how smart this was. Turned out to be a grueling little run. (50 lb kid). Very happy afterwards and sore.

Sat. Mar. 29 - Easy 4-miles on the treadmill
Sun. 3/30 - Off
Mon. 3/31 - Quality Running - 8 miles including -> 4 x 1600 meters @ 10k race pace (~ 7.4 min/mi) with 3-minute rec
Tues. 4/1 -Easy 5 miles
Wed. 4/2 - Tempo run for 8 miles (~ 8 min/mi)
Thursday 4/3 - Off
Friday 4/4 - Long run - 17.37 miles (PR for distance). It did take me 2.5 hours but very happy the body held up.
Saturday 4/5 - Easy 3 miles
Sunday 4/6 - Golf - walked 18 holes (i.e. no cart)
Mon. 3/31 - Some Quality running - 7 miles total including -> 8 x 800 @ 10k race pace (~ 8 min/mi). My dog Miles did this with me and was beat. He tends to drink all my water.
Tues. 4/1 - Easy 5 miles with the dog

Today I have a tempo run scheduled for 7 miles. I'll probably do some hill work on the treadmill instead (Stockton is very flat). Time to start getting the legs ready for hills.

After a day off on Thursday, Friday is another long run day and I'm planning on cranking out 19 - 20 miles. Scary.

I'll be volunteering at the Mt Diablo 50-Mile run this weekend to get a taste of racing and to see some of the amazing runners I've been reading about.


GB April 14, 2008 at 12:37 PM  

Hey Mike! I'm definitely going to catch up on reading your blog. You're doing CrossFit? YOU ROCK! Love the stuff! Can't wait to run Ohlone with you and Danny. Are we going to have a blast or what? No matter what, we just need to enjoy it. Your running looks great! Keep it up, bud!

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