Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sure Would Help If I Did This More Often

As the title indicates, I really need to update this more often. I think it would help me clear out some thoughts and not have to worry about rehashing everything I did for the last week or so. Ok, I'm over it.

Anyway, I think I lost an update somewhere in there so I'm gonna pretend that a week didn't happen. So last week, I ended up doing a 15-miler on Sunday morning and it felt great. I ran only 6 miles total on Friday and Saturday and I was glad. My legs actually felt fresh for once on Saturday morning. Ended up doing the run entirely on the pavement - a first for me lately since I've been running mostly on fire roads and dirt trails. I actually wanted to continue, but due to time constraints (life, kids, wife, church), I had to stop. I almost forgot...I did the whole run without water. A bit stupid but it was a nice test to see how the body would handle it. I figured it was cool enough that it wouldn't be much of a problem and my house was close enough that I could make a detour and get a drink if I needed it. In the end, I was fine.

So far this week:

Monday: Ran easy 4-mile recovery
Tuesday: Quality run- 2 mile warmup + 3 rounds of (1200 @ 8min/mi, 1' rec, 400 @ 7min/mi, 3' rec) + 2 mile cooldown)

Planned for today (Wed): 6 miles easy with the dog

Tomorrow will be a tempo run and then the big 20+ miler on Saturday for the last loooong run until the 50k. Can't wait to start tapering.

Overall, health is good, weight is ok (not really losing much because I eat and drink too much).

Congratulations to all the Boston Marathon runners - especially Silly Lillie with her new PR of 3:17:45!


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