Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Week Before the Race

As of today (Tuesday), we're down to 5 days remaining until the big day. I've only done a few races in the past and each time I've tapered, I've always felt like a fat slob the last week before the race. This week is no exception. I do realize that my legs are getting some well-deserved (and needed) rest before the weekend. I better remind myself to ease up a little on the eating/drinking.

For this week, we're going very easy...
Yesterday: Did "Fran" workout from Crossfit (21-15-9 of 95-lb thrusters and pull-ups). I haven't been doing much crossfit over the last few months and my pull-ups are suffering. Managed to squeeze this one out in 9:10. Also hit the pool for 20 laps and then a dip in the whirlpool.
Today: Mini-Quality workout - (2 x 1600 @ 8:00 pace w/ 3:00 recovery)
Wed: EZ 3 miles
Thurs: EZ 2 miles
Fri: Off
Sat: Off
Sun: RACE DAY!!!


F. Lee May 14, 2008 at 10:48 AM  

You'll rock the run man! No worries. Just don't try to keep up w/ Danny or GB, that might kill you. :0>. It would be great to run this thing with you guys. Next year.

I'm wacked I know with the sub-3! I know that when I was on a moderate training program, I could have turned a 3:20 but I never was after a time. It will be fun this year to see how it goes. Assuming my body holds up, and God helps me, I should be good to go. Will you be running the CIM too? You should.

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