Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Weather is Looking Scary

If I wasn't running a hilly 50k this Sunday (Ohlone 50k), I would be very excited for the upcoming hot spell that we're about to run into. Probably be hitting the pool with the boys and just lounging around doing a whole lot of nothing.

However, since I am running the aforementioned hilly 50k, I'm getting a little scared of how much the heat is going to beat me silly. I've been running my tapering miles in the late afternoon this week just to get a little extra practice time in the heat (big difference between my 3 & 4 milers and a 31-miler). I guess I'll just need to pay extra attention to fluids on Sunday. Original plan was to carry 2 bottles with me..think I'll change that to carrying two hand-helds and keeping one in the waistpack. I'll probably fill two with electrolytes and one with water.

I bought some new trail shoes a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving them. They are the red Cascadia 3 model from Brooks. My wife took one look at them and said "You got red shoes!?" I love it. My normal running shoes are the Radius 7's from Brooks. I've been worried that they wouldn't work too well on the downhills with the loose gravel and other fun little technical difficulties. Normally, I like to break my shoes in for a longer period of time, but I did get a long run in with them and a couple weeks of other runs. They work great and are very comfortable. Can't wait to flash the reds on Sunday with grey socks. Goofier the better right?

What's left for training?
Yesterday I did a nice easy 3-4 miler through the fields and up to the levee. Coming back to the house, I almost broke my ankle. I was bounding over some grassy area and stepped my foot right into a hole. Luckily my ankles are made of rubber these days and I only had a little pain on the outside-top of my foot this morning.
Today - 2-3 mile EZ run at Noon today - little more heat practice. Tonight is softball night and we have a double-header so that will be some bonus running around.
Friday-All signs point to me doing nothing on Friday. Maybe a quick mile jog and that's it.
Saturday-Get off the legs
Sunday- Tear it up!


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