Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Weeks To Go!

Yesterday marked two weeks out to the 50k. Am I getting nervous? Yes. Am I excited to run this thing? Yes. I had an interesting weekend running (i.e. not much of anything). I was supposed to get a 14-15 miler in on Saturday (which I missed), and then really start tapering for the two weeks. No worries. I'll go out at lunch today and do 12 miles and then go easy for the week. I'll do one last 10-miler next weekend and then coast for the final week with some EZ runs.

My Goals for the 50k? #1 is to finish. I really have no doubts I can finish, but I need to remember this is my first ultra (shoot, first any long race) and I can't take that for granted. #2 goal (stretch goal 1) finish in under 7 hours. Can I do this? I don't know. A lot of repeat runners don't even make this time so how am I supposed to do this? Confidence, stupidity and maybe an extra gear that I don't know about. Hey, you gotta have something to shoot for.

On the schedule...
Today - EZ 12-15 miles (depends on time)
Tuesday- Rest or Miles walk day
Wed - Last Quality day (5x1000 meters @ 5k pace w/ 2-minute)
Thurs - EZ 4 miles
Fri - EZ 6 miles
Sat - EZ 10 miles


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